1996 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY, overheats quickly - Nov 13, 2012
"We can not figure out the cause of the overheat condition.I have never seen a unit generate heat so fast ."
By: David VanStean in: A604 (41TE)
1999 FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY PICKUP, shutters in reverse - Jul 19, 2011
"Strong Shutter in reverse only on strong acceleration or going up a driveway. "
By: Chris Wardrop in: 4R100
1997 MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE, delay engagements - Jul 19, 2011
"and now we have a dealay engagement in drive and reverse and a late harsh downshift. I notice when it came to shop I had no comunication..."
By: Chris Wardrop in: F4A51-2
2009 ACURA TSX, sym - Mar 27, 2015
By: Aamir The Developer in: MCTA
2005 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500, N/A - Mar 5, 2014
"After transmission flush changed filters and fluid. No metal seen. trans slips on the 1-2 shift. Worked fine before the fluid change"
By: Dave Bear in: 4L60-E
2003 ACURA MDX, brakes - Mar 5, 2014
"Loud noise being generated when applying breaks during a hard test stop. Customer came back, everything checked out ok"
By: Vick Joalla in: MGHA
2008 FORD FOCUS, downshifts to 1st on 3-4 shift - Nov 13, 2012
"I am not sure if the problem is in valve body or internal."
By: David VanStean in: Other
2003 FORD FOCUS, no line pressure - Jun 30, 2011
"50lbs line pressure rise to 70 when stall then after it runs a minute we loose 20 more pounds any idea what I am missing"
By: Orville Bolin in: 4F27E
1999 FORD EXPLORER, Hard bump to 3rd - Jun 29, 2011
"Now customer came back complaing about third gear. It feels like a firm bump when it shifts. I readjusted the bands and checked the valve..."
By: Rodolfo Gonzalez in: 4R55E
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